by Dimitri Peretzi

RODA’s announcement of the passing away of Peter Brook

Perhaps you are aware of the fact that this last Saturday, Peter Brook, the prominent theater director, passed away in Paris. He was 97 years of age.

For us, for the members of RODA Theatre, this is a strange coincidence.

Peter Brook died on this same week that we are staging here, today, Ramayana, the play that connected us with him in many ways.

It was his visit in Greece in 1985, when Peter Brook staged his play “Mahabharata” at the “Petra” Theater, that started our contact with him. During his stay in Athens, he visited repeatedly Mrs. Maria Peretzi and participated with the Gurdjieff Sacred Dances Class that she was teaching.

His brief stay with us, as he got personally involved in our Dance Classes, sharing many of his own theater exercises and discussing with us ideas about the “Theater of the Sacred” and about the Indian epics, became a source of inspiration for Mrs. Peretzi, both for the development of RODA Theater, as well as for the production of “Ramayana”, more specifically.

Mrs. Peretzi came to stage “Ramayana” in 1997, for the first time, as our contact with Mr. Brook continued over the years, in Athens and Paris.

This year, after all this time, RODA happened to stage Ramayana once again.

And this first performance of the play coincided with the announcement of his passing away.

RODA thus dedicates her Friday 08th Jul 2022 performance, the only one that takes place this summer, to Peter Brook’s memory, and we express the wish that his spirit, which remained young, luminous and tireless to the end, will forever inspire the world of Theatre, throughout the World.

Gurdjieff Circles

The Gurdjieff Foundation of Greece was established in 1976 by Dimitri Peretzi, with the support of his teachers, Mme de Salzman and Lord Pentland. Its activities include ongoing Group Meetings, Movements classes given by Maria Peretzi, and Special Work periods. The Foundation has translated into Greek and supervised the publication of  Gurdjieff’s books, as well as Mme de Salzman’s The Reality of Being and Ouspensky’s Search of the Miraculous.

Over the years, an intense effort has been made for the Study of All and Everything, an Index of the special terms of which is made public both in English and in Greek in our website, Currently, concentrated attention is being given to the study of Mme de Salzman’s texts.

Closely associated with the Gurdjieff Foundation of Greece is the RODA theatre group, founded in 1991 and led ever since by Maria Peretzi. The group stages widely attended theatrical performances, drawing its repertoire from the sacred myths of our global society, and performing musical concert appearances, presenting the Gurdjieff-de Hartmann music. Its activities can be viewed at

Friendly, cooperating with our Foundation organizations include the “3A” Publishing House, the “SunonuS” engineering group for the study of alternative energy sources and the “Private Road” meetings hall, in Thessaloniki

“Without self-knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave.”


George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff was born in 1866 (?)  in Alexandropol  of the Caucasian Black Sea area, to parents who were both Greeks (Ioannis Georgiadis and Evdokia Eleftheriadou). His life was quite remarkable. For twenty whole years he wandered in the Middle and Far East, reaching monasteries and religious places inaccessible to Western travellers. There he met many spiritual teachers from different religions